How To Find A Reliable Roofing Contractor

November 17, 2022

Is it not funny how minute shortcomings, if continuously neglected, can suddenly burst one day, causing a major inconvenience to all parties involved?

Hardly. We’re referring to water leaks. They usually start little. You may have been guilty of making a mental note to have it fixed on the weekend, but never got to it. And before you know it, the problem has gotten out of hand. Water damage is usually messy. It can seep through every nook and cranny. They can destroy bare wood and gypsum boards. For those of you wondering about sheetrocks, yes, that too. Unless a waterproofing material has been applied. And possibly short exposed electrical wiring too.

Mind you, we’re not here to point fingers at who’s at fault. And just to be clear, we’re still talking about roofing concerns here. So without further delay, these are the steps we suggest you take before you go dashing out the door heading to the nearest roofing contractor in the Philippines you can find.

New Construction:

1. Start with What You Have

The architect or civil engineer you commissioned to design and supervise your home’s construction can assist you on this matter. They would most likely know a couple of roof installers. Start making a shortlist and note the company names, contact details, and other important stuff. Make it clear you’re looking for reliable referrals only; someone they highly recommend. If you hired a general contractor, we’re pretty sure they can provide you with leads too. Although It doesn’t mean you have to be limited to what was handed to you.

2. Join the Revolution

You may add more to your list by consulting with your KKK – Kamag-anak, Kaibigan, Kakilala (relatives, friends, acquaintances). It would be great if they had their house or roof done recently. It’ll be awesome if some of your contacts work or are connected in the construction industry. You may want to prioritize reaching out to them. Go for the extra K, if you wish – kapitbahay (neighbors) preferably whose house has been completed not too long ago.

3. Surf’s Up

Need to add more to your list? It’s time to go surfing the internet then. The first-page result alone with the keywords “best roofing contractor in the Philippines” will supply you with tons of leads.

4. Do Background Checks

Before grabbing your car keys, we recommend qualifying your prospects first. Look them up online and check if they have a website or a social media business page. While electronic presence can add legitimacy to their business, this shouldn’t be your sole basis.

See if the information is updated, complete with images of their accomplished and ongoing projects, business permits and licenses posted, read customer reviews, and other available channels of contact.

If you intend on visiting their physical office as part of your scrutiny, cross out those too far from you. Call their customer service and inquire; pricing would be one of them. It’s understandable if they can’t provide you with the number you need because of several design factors for consideration. That’s okay. But if they can give you a baseball figure, so much the better. They will ask for a copy of the roofing plans and even perform an onsite ocular inspection of the construction site. It’ll be convenient if you have a soft copy of the roofing plans and specifications, but before sending them out, pay close attention to how they handle your inquiries. Are they patient with you? Do they use layman’s terms and make sure you understand everything? Do they sound warm and friendly?

You may also ask if they are a member of an industry organization. Who are their partner manufacturers?

These should provide you with a clear signal of who makes the final cut. A shortlist of three to five installers is already a good number.

5. Back to the Drawing Board

Head back to your construction supervisor. They can help once again with the proposals and quotations. They can identify if the documents meet building standards and specifications. It’s common for contractors to stipulate a down payment and then progress billings thereafter. Contractors must also issue three kinds of bonds: a guarantee bond, a payment bond, and a performance bond as an assurance to the project owner.

Most of us will tend to focus on the interior and exterior aesthetics of our homes but leave little attention to a quality roofing system. And it’s probably because roofs are hardly something to be admired considering their location. Admittedly, it plays a critical role in a number of things. First off, it keeps the weather where it belongs. Outside. Because of this, it protects your valuables and can make your home more energy efficient, especially in terms of air conditioning.

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