Roof Types Gaining Popularity

Roof Types Gaining Popularity in the Philippines
February 28, 2023

Ever since the green building movement started in the 1970s, the construction industry has benefited immensely, including the new roofing technology we now enjoy that is resource-efficient and sustainable. Here are three (3) roof types that people are increasingly beginning to use.

Plastic Polymer Roof

Also known as thermoplastic roofs, this combination of recycled plastic and polymer components is good for the environment. It doesn’t disintegrate as fast as regular plastic. And with minimal maintenance, it lasts for up to 40 years. Because of its durability and resistance to elements, it’s a popular roof type choice for residential and commercial structures.

Just like polycarbonate and fiberglass roofs, plastic polymer roofs are lightweight and easy to install. This material can be used in areas prone to severe weather, like high winds, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures.

Roof Garden

A roof garden, similarly-termed green roof or living roof, is a partially or completely vegetation-covered roof. Flat roofs adorned with potted floras are examples of roof gardens. It can also be made resembling a huge plant box complete with grass, shrubs, vines, and flowers.

This approach is designed to create a sustainable and natural environment. The soil alone reduces heat absorption by acting as insulation. Rainwater can be absorbed and filtered through soil and plants. The processed water can then be stored for other purposes or be led directly to the sewers, reducing the strain on the city’s sewerage system.

Other benefits include contributing to air quality improvement and serving as a resting place for wildlife like birds and insects. This structure is useful in urban areas, specifically commercial buildings with limited garden space.

Solar Roof

Types of roof materials such as asphalt shingles, metal roofs, or roof tiles, can simply be incorporated with a building-integrated photovoltaic system (BIPV) to harness light energy from the sun and convert it to electricity. The idea alone of generating energy is what makes this roof hugely popular compared to the first two.

There are three types of solar-powered systems. Grid-tied type owners enjoy their system’s capability while having the convenience of staying connected to the utility company if the energy production is low

With the off-grid, your property is completely reliant on the system. This means all energy produced is stored in a solar battery.

The hybrid is a combination of the first two but with a net metering option. Homeowners can sell excess energy generated to the power grid company for a bill credit. Solar roofs can significantly reduce your electricity costs and carbon footprint. However, these systems require huge capital and should be considered a long-term investment. In the Philippines, a solar panel system has a return on investment (ROI) for five (5) years. 

In Conclusion…Which Roof Type is the Best?

Given that each roof type system is durable in its own right. Budget, purpose, and location should be the primary factors in selecting the best. For low maintenance, the plastic polymer roof is a safe bet. If you live in an urbanized area, a roof garden makes a sound decision. For structures requiring massive energy to operate, consider investing in a solar roof. If you are leaning toward the traditional types of roofing, read our article on the Popular Types of Roof Materials in the Philippines.

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