Proper Roof Maintenance

roof maintenance
January 14, 2023

Roofs cover a big responsibility in one’s property, literally and figuratively. That’s why it makes perfect sense to keep it in top shape through regular roof maintenance.

No clue how and where to start? Caspar Roofing got you covered! Santa keeps a list, but we’ll do better and provide you with one.

1. Physical Inspection

Inspect your roofs at least twice a year. Include also the walls and ceilings closest to it. Checking it after a strong typhoon or heavy rain is advisable.

Begin with the walls and ceiling closest to your roof. Are there water streaks from the top going down? How about dark spots or stains on the ceiling? Chances are, it’s a sign of moisture build-up or leak.

Do you see rust forming on your metal roof, shingles curling up, or broken roof tiles? Take note of these.

How about overhanging tree branches above your roof? Consider performing tree maintenance as well. Branches drop debris like dead leaves and twigs. They can also break and damage the roof.

2. Surface Cleaning

We highly advise leaving this type of roof maintenance in the hands of an expert. Yes, even for a seasoned DIY guy such as yourself. Aside from the hazards of slipping and falling, professionals can spot potential problems an untrained eye can’t.

Remove leaves, branches, and other foreign elements on your roof. The same goes for gutters and downspouts. These things can cause more dirt and water to accumulate faster.

Ensure your roof is free from dust, dirt, mud, twigs, and leaves. It’s not surprising to see small plants or weeds appearing on roofs. The combination of wastes makes for good soil.

Think about installing strainers on top of gutters and downspouts. This hack can be inexpensive and can slow down dirt build-up and clogging. Eventually, cleaning is still needed to avoid rust and mosquito breeding.

3. Replace & Repair

Your roof may need repainting or recoating if it’s starting to lose its luster. Warping or curling shingles and broken roof tiles need replacing or repairing. Loose panels due to old sealants and screws showing signs of wear and tear require removal and restoration with new ones.

Study if the whole roof needs replacing, especially if it has reached its expected lifetime and has sustained damage that will prove costlier to maintain. A new roof can provide better protection and increase your home’s value.

4. Scheduled Roof Maintenance

How often does roof maintenance need to be performed? Once every six months is a good measure. Checking after a storm is also recommended. Gutters and downspouts require more frequent cleaning as it acts as a catch basin and gathers dirt and debris faster than the roof surface.

Consider hiring a professional if you’re not comfortable doing the repairs and maintenance by yourself, especially for major repairs and renovations. They have the expertise and the experience to properly diagnose and fix your roofing problems; and perform scheduled maintenance for your peace of mind.

The adage,” An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure,” also applies to roofs. Treat it well, and you can be sure you’ll maximize its expected lifetime, maybe even surpass it.

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