Custom Roofing Solutions – Combination Tilespan + Kilp Lok Metal Roofing

February 10, 2020

Do you need help with custom roofing solutions? As your roofing experts, we work with our clients to customize roofing solutions according to their needs.

Please watch the video below for our first project in 2022. We worked with our client to reuse materials from his existing roof which used tilespan material. This way, he was able to save on cost and materials are not wasted. This project is a combination of tilespan and kilp lok metal roofing. The kilp lok metal roof will be able to handle a lot of rainfall even if the roof is just at zero degrees. Aside from this, we were able to extend the roof frame and spent only four days completing the project. Our client was happy and satisfied with our team’s workmanship.

If you need help with your existing roof or planning a new home project, just send us a message and we will create custom roofing solutions for you.